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Eyecam: The Open-Hardware Human-eye webcam.

This is the open-source repository for Eyecam. The repository contains all the files needed to reproduce the device, from the 3D-printed hardware parts to the control software.

To know more about the projct, visit marcteyssier.com/projects/eyecam/

I am currently editing a video tutorial of the whole build process (45minutes). This documentation lack step-by-step tutorials.


Mechanical Design

In the folder Mechanical , you will find the .stl files as well as the source CAD file. I modelled the mechanical parts with Blender, don’t be surprised it’s not perfect.


The Software folder of this repo contains the 3 main parts to run and move eyecam.

  1. Firmware: Arduino program to control the 6 servo motors used to move the eyeball, eyelids and eyebrows. It is optimized to run on an Arduino Leonardo Pro Micro.
  2. Raspberry Pi as Camera: How to turn a Raspberry Pi Zero + Pi Cam as a standard USB camera
  3. Unity Control Interface: Additional interface to visually control the motors and run the computer vision processing


Eyecam is under MIT licence. See LICENCE file.